Wildest Things a Vegas Performer's Body Can Do! | Circus Town

Wildest Things a Vegas Performer's Body Can Do! | Circus Town

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Nastia is just your average circus acrobat - until she dons her pink wig and transforms into the extraordinary YumYum! Watch as she runs through the creation of her performance persona, and what it takes to stay balanced - both in her act and in real life ✨

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Welcome to Circus Town, where the future of circus has arrived. Leave behind any expectations; this isn't about balloons and face-paint, get ready to step behind the curtain and immerse yourself in a bonkers new world. Prepare yourself to meet the extraordinary people who run/perform/are the circus, the misfits, ringleaders, and mayhem makers. From Las Vegas to Atlantic City, the circus is coming and it has even acquired a creative oasis in California's Mojave Desert. Discover captivating stories of ordinary (and less ordinary) people doing extraordinary things in this new frontier. If you've been seeking a place to belong, look no further – this is your town

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